Top 5 – Working Towards Cooperation

October 25, 2013
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Dealing with difficult people can be extremely challenging for even the most experienced manager and leader.  Many times people become difficult when stress levels rise and they feel they are without options to resolve the situation or they feel they are not equipped with the skills to handle a particular situation.

Your role as a leader and a manager is to manage each situation to prevent the stress that results in the behaviour  or if this is not possible to manage those difficult people to perform at their best throughout the stressful time.

Below are 5 top tips to managing difficult people.

1. Planning 
Your role as a manager and a business leader is to gain the cooperation of difficult people.  To do this successfully plan how you will approach the situation, communicate clearly and effectively in order to arrive at the best outcome for all parties. By taking this step you will feel more confident going into the discussion.

2. Minimise The Stress
Sometimes people become difficult when they are in a situation of high stress.  Your role as a leader is to do your best to alleviate the stress of those around you to allow your team/s to thrive and perform well.  There are a number of things you can do to minimise stress below are just a few;
– Always be clear on the purpose and agenda for a meeting before it occurs
– Give your team time to prepare for appraisals, meetings, performance discussions and so on
– Listen to objections before you respond
– Put yourself in the other persons situation, this will help you anticipate any difficulties they face
– Use positive communication and body language to put your team at ease in stressful situations.

3. Manage Well
Individuals can become difficult if they feel they are being poorly managed or are working without clear direction.  Ensure that you develop and evolve your own management skills and learn to adapt your leadership style in order to gain cooperation from those you manage.  Whilst this step can take time there are actions you can take now to assist.
– Give constructive feedback
– Delegate to show trust
– Develop a open culture
-Encourage initiative.

4. Manage Poor Performance
Everyone needs a certain amount of stress to fuel performance and experience the personal satisfaction that comes with overcoming challenges.  If one of your employees becomes lethargic and bored and does not feel challenged it can be as big an issue as an employee who is angry and out of control.  Whatever the situation, review the team members role with them and set clear objectives.  Discuss and agree on all possible actions.

5. Negotiating For A Solution
Finding and negotiating the right solution requires you to be insightful, creative and above all flexible.  Finding a solution for a difficult person can be challenging.  Your role here is to find out what the team member wants first and then negotiate a successful solution.

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