Top 5 – How to get the best people working for you – PART 2

March 18, 2013
HR - Attracting Top Talent

In Part 1 of this two part series we posed the question: ‘How do you get the very best people working for your organisation and not your competitor? The answer being: ‘Become an employer of first choice’

There were five key areas:
1. Employers of first choice are technologically advanced
2. Employers of first choice offer flexible work practices
3. Employers of first choice have high levels of employee satisfaction
4. Employers of first choice have solid anti-discrimination policies
5. Employers of first choice offer career development opportunities

This week Part 2 looks at five more ways your business can be seen as an employer of first choice to attract the very best employees to your office door, rather than to your competitors’.

1. Employers of first choice offer family friendly policies
Family friendly policies can be described as policies aimed at employees who have families and are care givers as well as employees.  These policies allow employees to work  with more flexibility to allow them to also care for their families.  Employers of first choice understand that without these policies there is much pressure on these employees. Introduction of these policies can lead to:  a lower level of staff turnover and absenteeism, more employees returning to work after maternity leave, and a reduced risk of mental and physical burnout.

2. Employers of first choice have a strong reputation in the community
For your organisation to earn a strong reputation in the community you need to ask the following questions, and find the answers to these questions:
A. Do our customers prefer doing business with us or our competitors?
B. Are we able to charge premium rates for our products and or service?
C. Do our stakeholders support us in down times?

A business is more able to achieve their goals when it has a strong reputation and support in the community.

3. Employers of first choice offer fair promotional and advancement policies
Employers of first choice foster the advancement of their employees.  They believe it is critical to their overall success of their organisation.  You will know this is happening in your own organisation by looking at the tenure and advancement history of each of your employees.  After completing this exercise, if you need to improve this area, there is much that can be done but it requires a holistic approach. (More information on career development is offered under the topic Career Management).

4. Employers of first choice are environmentally aware
Is it time your organisation went green?  Maybe yours is, or maybe you could boost your green initiatives to ensure your place on the ‘employer of first choice’ podium.  Here are some ideas:

A. Use energy saving light bulbs
B. Install a ‘green energy’ system
C. Name a ‘Green Champion’ in your workplace
D. Work with suppliers with a clear policy on energy reduction
E. Partner with a ‘Green Charity’
F. Reduce, recycle and re-use
G. Only used recycled paper and other products where available

5. Employers of first choice offer flexible tools of trade
Tools of trade are things a person needs to carry out their job successfully. (For example, a carpenter would need his hammer, saws and power tools involved in his craft.) Employers of first choice offer discounted laptops, flexible leasing arrangements, and flexible telecommunication plans. They might also offer things like onsite childcare or concierge services to make it easier to balance both the personal and professional needs on a daily basis.

If you missed part one of this two part series click here. More information is available on employer of first choice under the topic ‘Attracting Talent’, which includes models, templates, do’s and don’ts and more.  Simply click here to subscribe:

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