Top 5 – How to Get the Best People Working for You – PART 1

March 11, 2013

The question: ‘How do you get the very best people working for your organisation and not your competitor?

The Answer: ‘Become an employer of first choice’

The notion of employer of first choice grew out of the recognition of organisations that were socially and environmentally aware.  Organisations were seen as employers of choice if they employed minority groups in the workforce such as indigenous staff, women or LGBT.

Today Employer of Choice is a concept used to ‘attract’ prospective workers to your business in an ever competitive and challenging job market.

In this two part series we look at what characteristics shape organisations that are considered employers of first choice and provide tips on how you can move from an employer to an employer of first choice.

Research shows that when you do make this critical move your employees who work for ‘employers of choice’ workplaces are more motivated, productive and happier and become advocates of the business.  They are better able to build effective relationships with customers, which we all know is a critical element for success in business. (See the model ‘Employer of Choice Characteristics under the topic “Attracting Talent’).

1.Employers of first choice are technologically advanced

Organisations that invest in technology to keep them at the forefront of their industry and ahead of their competition are almost always seen as employers of first choice.  Companies like Google, Australia Post, Facebook, Ikea and Bain & Company are constantly investing in technology advances to give them a competitive edge. Look for opportunities in your own organisation to be innovative and match technologies with the innovations you seek.

2.Employers of first choice offer flexible work practises

Flexible work practices can mean allowing employees to work a set amount of hours a week however they choose to work them each day.  Or allow employees to work a day a week from home. Some organisations work specifically with the individual needs of each employee.  Talk to employees in your organisation and ask them for suggestions on what they would like to see offered in their workplace.

3.Employers of first choice have high levels of employee satisfaction

This can be described as the extent to which an employee is satisfied with their job and their working environment.  This is closely linked to staff turnover.  If your organisation suffers from high staff turnover,  in most instances, you can expect employee satisfaction levels to be low.  Whilst you can probably make a reasonably educated guess as to why this is, talking to your employees will bring about the most useful information.

4.Employers of first choice have solid antidiscrimination policies

Any organisation can develop solid anti-discrimination policies, but they are worthless unless they are wholly supported and enforced by all managers at all levels.   It also requires employees to take these policies seriously, understanding that they will face consequences for breaching these policies.  (For more information on HR policies see the topic “HR Policies”).

5.Employers of first choice offer career development opportunities

Employers that are recognised as employers of first choice offer their employees not only promotional opportunities but also career development opportunities, such as secondments to work with other business units, the opportunity to enrol in higher education paid for and supported  by the organisation.  They are able to join mentoring programs or programs that aim at community work and assistance. (More information on career development is offered under the topic ‘Career Management’)

More information is available on employer of first choice under the topic ‘Attracting Talent’, which includes models, templates, do’s and don’ts and more.  Simply click here to subscribe

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